Wasted Effort Law and The Transition when using that effort

Wasted Effort Law and The Transition when using that effort

Was thinking about the efforts that we do every single day to achieve our goals and how most of these efforts are wasted in one way or another through a lot of destructions you face during the day. which can be inner destructions from your random thoughts and your curiosity of trying different things all at once, reading different topics, or outer distractions like wasting time and energy in transportation I was wasting like 4 to 6 hours on that, also to be exposed to different stuff from the social media about the new trendy la-Bla-Bla thing that you should know and have the knowledge about it, to still keep up to date with what's happening in the world that kinda destruction too

Distractions make you after a while hesitates about what are you doing then lead you to be lost and disappointed that you don't know what you really want to achieve, letting you go away far from your target.

so I had the feeling that there was a wasted effort in what I'm doing, I remember that word before "wasted effort", let me google it, yeah there's a law of wasted effort, Really, yeah there are people know what you are facing, I liked a blog post on LinkedIn that is very relative to what I thought, I wanna quote it here to still close to me to remember that from time to time, let's read that.

The law of wasted efforts explained

Scientists have found that animals, trees, and other forces of nature are more receptive to the law of “wasted efforts”. Only humans think that the lack of success in a few attempts is a failure, but the truth is that: we only fail when we "stop trying".

Do you know that lions only succeed in a quarter of their hunting attempts — which means they fail in 75% of their attempts and succeed in only 25% of them? Despite this small percentage shared by most predators, they don’t despair in their pursuit and hunting attempts. The main reason for this is not because of hunger as some might think but it is the **understanding of the “Law of Wasted Efforts” **that has been instinctively built into animals, a law by which #nature is governed.

Half of the eggs of fish are eaten and half of the baby bears die before puberty even most of the world’s rain falls in oceans and most of the seeds of trees are eaten by birds. Scientists have found that animals, trees, and other forces of nature are more receptive to the law of “wasted efforts”.

Only humans think that the lack of success in a few attempts is a failure but the truth is that we only fail when we “stop trying”.

Success is not to have a life free of pitfalls and falls but to walk over your mistakes and **go beyond every stage **where your efforts were wasted, looking forward to the next stage. If there is a phrase that summarizes this world, it will simply be to continue all over.

Albert Einstein made a very strong remark when he said that " doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity."

If you do want a different result then the only thing that you can do is to **change the things that you've been doing **thus far. Because that's the only shot you have at finding something different from what you have been finding all this while.

Just because there is a flood doesn't mean farmers stop planting next year. When efforts fail, you have to

  • approach the failure from a dissection angle and

  • Learn to spend the efforts where you're likely to find better results.

It's easy to write than do. I can tell you from personal experience that **it takes a lot of surrounding to put your best effort into something productive **

next time if you are depressed about the failure of a previous task. Nature rewards persistence.

If you want to see this in action.

  • Keep feeding a few birds every day and see how they see you friendly over a few months' time.

  • Keep smiling towards people around you, no matter how good or bad faces they make, and see the good things that come to you next time.

My approach is that** when I fail at something where I give 100% effort, I change the direction, you can say I actually quit and move on to something that works to keep my foundation intact **and from there I start to rebuild and then aggressively approach for better results.

I failed twice in life before I hit my 30s just because I failed to keep the momentum. Only after failing twice, I learned that I should always keep working and never let success get in my head and also not get disappointed with failure up to the point of depression. I'm in the rebuilding phase for 0$ third time in my life. I don't know what is in store for me in life but** I have made myself strong enough not to let the world hit me in the same place twice.**

I can't tell you what'll work for you. You have to **find what works for you and not even your parents or wife or any friend can do that for you. Whatever you do, fail progressively **and not recursively in the same problems. Your efforts never go in vain. Maybe the expected results are not achieved. However, **your efforts always give you an experience that makes you wiser in the later part of your life. ** Your effort not yielding the expected output could possibly also mean that you need to put in much more effort or try a different approach.

When you start doing something and put in all the efforts that you think are needed to complete that particular thing, and at some point of time you think that you are reaching nowhere, maybe you are putting all that effort in the wrong direction.

Take a break and contemplate the situation once again and start off fresh with all your energy in a new direction with a changed perspective.

Trust me your hard work and all your sincere efforts do pay off in the end. Coming back to the point if your hard work doesn’t pay off maybe you’re moving in the wrong direction. Just change your perspective, look at all that you have done in an unbiased manner and start working hard towards your goal again. You will surely succeed. I would always go back to my motive, consider if there is still a “pay-off” and if the scales do not weigh in the favor of a positive response and there is nobody/nothing served by my actions/efforts, then I divert that energy somewhere more meaningful.

Try, retry and try again and again. It may be that you’re putting your effort into the wrong thing, or it may be that you simply failed to achieve what you wanted. If you really want it, redouble your effort and try again. If you let yourself be put off by the first failure, you’re not going to achieve a whole lot in life! Cheers!

that was the end of the post, then someone comment on a valid point I wanna mention too, he said:

"Albert Einstein made a very wrong remark that has destroyed many. and it bothers me when it is used doing the same thing expecting different results insanity wrong! 1000% unless you are a thug. Many different aspects require doing the same things over and over expecting a different result it's called **perfection gymnastics **playing a piano, shooting a bow at a bull's eye, actors for plays, and many many more all have done the same thing over and over and over it called **winning gold **or **Masters cup **or championship,

it's inspiring, just know how many use that saying as a way to remove themselves from responsibility and knock down factory workers, I do the same thing every day never going to change attitude because of it."

from my thought, I think the commenter didn't get the point that Abert Einstein mentioned, Albert was talking about the behavior of doing the same thing with the same incidence of course we will not expect different output from this equation, but in the commenter example he was talking about something different because when I'm playing piano and doing that repeatedly I'm changing the equation ingredients every time cause I'm not the same person with the same experience who do that the first time so the output will be different, so let's separate that to consistent work and it will gain its output in the end.

In the end, my question to you and I would really appreciate your reply to that,

What if you can control the wasted efforts and direct them to the right path?

do you imagine how your life will change for the better, how much are you gonna save time, yeah save time, cause time is your currency your value your uniqueness, and your present, everyone should care about how and where to use his time