Building your own framework

Building your own framework

In this article, will be talking about why you should give yourself the chance to build your own framework

Why would you like to create your own framework in the first place?

If you look around, everybody will tell you that it's a useless thing to reinvent the wheel and that you'd be better to choose an existing framework and forget about creating your own. Most of the time, they are right but there are a few good reasons to start creating your own framework:

  • To learn more about the low-level architecture of modern web frameworks;
  • To create a framework tailored to your very specific needs (just be sure first that your needs are really specific);
  • To experiment creating a framework for fun (in a learn-and-throw-away approach);
  • To refactor an old/existing application that needs a good dose of recent web development best practices;
  • To prove to the world that you can actually create a framework on your own (... but with little effort).

Trying to create a web framework is a process, one step at a time. At each step, you will have a fully-working framework that you can use as is or as a start for your very own. start with a simple framework and more features will be added with time. Eventually, you will have a fully-featured framework.

And each step will be the occasion to learn more about some of the components that you are using.

every modern web frameworks follow differently architecture, so pick what suits you from the start, it really depends on your personal taste also you can use any existing third-party libraries to help you reach your goal, you don't have to rebuild everything from scratch, just try to understand how things work with each other and if something seems interesting to you to know deeper about it, go for it and give it a try to understand how it works, even try to rebuild it from scratch.

set your main goals that you wanna achieve by building this framework, it could be something you imagine, it can be useful if it exists or something has a specific focus approach, you wanna use it to do that type of projects only, maybe something that makes your framework unique, if neither both it's okay and enough that you are trying to learn how frameworks work.